Cluster Membership

ITEL Ltd is a member of cluster "Inteligentna Energija" (Intelligent energy).

Cluster “Intelligent Energy” is a business network of SMEs that contribute to the strengthening of RES industry and energy efficiency with their creative approach.

Mission of Cluster “Intelligent Energy“ is to create new green jobs through production of solutions and systems as well as through delivery and continuous care for installed plants and technology.

Focus of Cluster “Intelligent Energy” is green technologies in areas of hydro-energy (small hydro power plants), solar-energy (PV and thermal systems), biomass and energy efficiency, all of which have high employment potential.

Cluster’s activities contribute to economical growth, installation of new energy sources, and higher security of energy supply, better environmental conditions and lower gas emissions.

Cluster „Intelligent Energy“ animates and establish creative partnership between entrepreneurs, scientists and business institutions with following results:

  • promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable development,

  • joint appearance on domestic and regional market,

  • creation and realization of business ventures,

  • development of modern technological solutions,

  • transfer of experience and knowledge,

  • creation of basis for financial investors support,

  • construction of RES systems and plants,

  • production and delivering of electrical and heat energy,

  • creation of reliable and open platform for green development.


PRODUCTS of Cluster "Intelligent Energy"

  • small hydro-power plants,

  • photovoltaic plants,

  • solar thermal systems,

  • hybrid plants,

  • heat pump based thermal energy systems


SERVICES of Cluster "Intelligent Energy"

  • consulting,

  • designing,

  • testing,

  • commissioning,

  • education.