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  • Design in the field of telecommunications and low-voltage systems,
  • Consulting in the field of telecommunications,
  • Laying and blowing of cables,
  • Blowing of  micro tubes and micro fibre optic cables,
  • Laying of submarine cables,
  • Installing of self-supporting cables,
  • Installing, splicing and wiring of OPGW enclosures,
  • Calibration and Certification of Distributive Telecommunication Infrastructure (DTI),
  • Installing, splicing and wiring of fibre optic cables,
  • Installing and wiring of copper telecommunication cables,
  • Installing of telecommunication equipment,
  • Low-voltage systems,
  • Structured cabling,
  • Measuring and certification of fibre optic cables,
  • Measuring and certification of copper telecommunication cables,
  • Measuring and certification of LAN networks,
  • Installing of telecommunication and low-voltage systems in anti-explosion protection,
  • Maintenance of installed systems,
  • Installing of solar energy and photovoltaic systems